Become a producer, publicize and federate!

Our donors are very much involved in the creation process and the dissemination of the event following a common production format: an artist / a sponsor.
The project is often an opportunity for the sponsor to present an artistic collection exhibiting signed numbered portfolios and fulfilling its commitment to the artists.

Participating as a sponsor of “Black containers” has numerous advantages aside from choosing to support cultural development:
– gaining visibility in a national and international context as a socially responsible company
– the possibility of reinforcing public relations with your clients or suppliers
– an opportunity for building company culture, with a chance to engage employees
– forging a preferred and tailored relationship with Black containers
– substantial tax breaks.

Sponsoring a project results up to 25% of the donation can be used in material goods and services to promulgate a cause or an idea.

A company sponsoring a project  will also receive 25% of the donation amount in goods and services offered by “Black containers” (e.g. donation of five portfolios, exposure in media or on the association’s website, staging advice).