Programme Afrique

Cultural engineering organization for the production and the broadcasting of contemporary images

Images and words

In the introduction to the opening of this innovative project, we thought it appropriate to explain the signification of the title “Black Containers”. Indeed, it refers to the black box, the camera obscura, the space for revealing images. This metaphorical title illustrates the realism of the virtual device. It refers to the principles of logistics, organization and transport of goods as are containers that contain rich and travel the world. Images created as part of Black Containers will be required to move via transport pathways in multiple virtual broadcasts from portfolio to wallpapers via projections. Our commitment is to support emerging artists and to build a medium-term performance network of production and distribution of images and words …

Designed as a platform, allows BC to pool resources, designers, sponsors in a unifying spirit to build background images broadcast via internet in the form of portfolios, wallpapers.
Our goal is to support contemporary artists in the fields of photography, video, writing, producing thematic series.
This project is a production and distribution, a communications agency ethics, a publishing house using the contemporary in the prospect of participating in the digital revolution media.